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Strange Charm is a new blog devoted to discovering and sharing the very best of female-authored speculative fiction.

We are Joanna and Rachel, friends who share a lifelong addiction to reading, and a common love of speculative fiction in all its myriad forms. We both count plenty of women amongst our favourite authors, but we couldn’t help noticing that the fantasy and sci-fi shelves of our local bookstores tend to be male-dominated. This is our attempt to balance the scales by showcasing excellent work by women.

Although we intend to cover a broad spectrum of books, including classic works, we’re starting out with a strong emphasis on new releases: at least half of our reviews will be devoted to recent publications. Similarly, we’re committed to highlighting exciting new authors you might not have previously heard of, and we’re keen to celebrate quality wherever we find it: short or long form, traditionally or independently published. We’re rather hoping that one side effect of writing this blog will be that we’re both encouraged to read with ever-expanding diversity.

We’ll be publishing reviews every Thursday, with themes changing every quarter. Joanna will be kicking us off with a season of fairytale and folktale retellings, while Rachel covers a range of recent books.

In the meantime, do tell us about your favourite speculative fiction books written by women in the comments — we love to be introduced to titles we’ve not heard of before!

Follow Strange Charm on Twitter @strangecharmbks, and feel free to say hi to us on our personal accounts @joanna_m and @rachelcotterill.

Strange Charm

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Strange Charm

  1. Sounds interesting!
    My favourite female speculative fiction authors that you haven’t already listed are:
    Melanie Rawn – start with “Dragon Prince”;
    Rosemary Kirstein – start with “The Steerswoman”.


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