Dive into Diversity

dive into diversity

It may be a little late in the year to start signing up to new reading challenges, but I’ve just come across the Dive into Diversity 2015 reading challenge. There isn’t a particular goal to reach, aside from reading more diversely. Since we’re an inherently diversity-focused blog, this sounds like just our kind of thing.

I started by making a list of the various books we’ve already reviewed in 2015 — as well as those cued up for the next couple of weeks. At first I thought I might group them by themes, but there’s so much intersectionality that it became a bit of a muddle. Actually, this list is still a bit muddled.

But on the off-chance that you, too, are looking to widen the diversity in your reading of SFF, here are some books you might enjoy:

80 Days (ethnic diversity & LGBT characters)
Alif the Unseen (middle eastern setting & characters)
Archimedes Nesselrode (asexual romance)
The Beast of Callaire (lesbian romance, ethnic diversity, trans secondary character)
The Bees (British Indian author)
The Broken Forest (lesbian romance, trans main character)
The Darkest Part of the Forest (gay secondary characters)
The Galaxy Game (black author)
The Girl at Midnight (ethnically diverse characters)
Half Life (ethnically diverse & disabled characters)
Keep the Stars Running (gay romance anthology, one disabled main character)
Kindred (black author)
The Last Lover (Chinese author)
The Left Hand of Darkness (agender characters)
Like Stolen Pearls (lesbian romance)
Niko (black author, ethnically diverse cast)
On a Red Station, Drifting (Vietnamese characters in space)
Realm of the Goddess (Indian author & characters)
Root of Unity (ethnically diverse & disabled characters)
The Salt Roads (black author & characters)
Scale Bright (Chinese setting & characters)
Servant of the Underworld (Asian author, Aztec setting)
The Shade Ring (lesbian secondary characters)
Signal to Noise (Mexican author & characters)
The Song of Achilles (gay romance)
Song of Blood and Stone (black author; ethnically diverse characters)
Sorcerer to the Crown (black & mixed race characters)
Spirits Abroad (Malaysian characters, some LGB)
Sunbolt (ethnically diverse characters)
Tikkipala (Indian setting)
The Time Slip Girl (lesbian romance, black main character)
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street (gay romance, Japanese main character)


One thought on “Dive into Diversity

  1. That sounds brilliant! I have so many unread books… A house full of them… And yet I always seem to end up re-reading Harry Potter! Really need to try and diversify a little…


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