Also Reading…

Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Laura – Aunt Lolly – lives steeped in the traditions and expectations of the Willowes family, but she’s always felt slightly at odds with what’s expected of her. Although her family have gradually adjusted to her failure to marry, it’s not until she moves on a whim to the Chilterns, and embraces witchcraft, that she really feels a sense of freedom. A slow-paced meditation on identity and independence.

Slaying Dragons by Sasha L. Miller
This is a short, cute lesbian romance featuring a dragon-slaying combatant and the mage who she’s assigned to work with. Devi wasn’t expecting another assignment, with a complaint still outstanding against her from her previous mage partner, but it’s one of the worst kind of dragons, so she buckles down to the task and tries to ignore Noeme’s overtures of friendship. But as they work together, something more than friendship is blossoming.

I Am Ebony Strike by K.S. Augustin
Ebony Strike is a mostly-retired martial artist who returns to the ring to compete in a high-stakes tournament to try and aid her homeworld. I loved Ebony: there aren’t enough older heroines, there aren’t enough black women with lead roles in SF, there aren’t enough women making their way as successful martial artists. All this, I loved. That said, this book has some serious consent issues, which undermines the romance aspect and made me deeply uncomfortable at times.

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